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21 Dec, 2019

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Ensuring good air quality within your home will protect you and your family against harmful pollutants and the risk of developing health complications because of them. Here are 8 tips to improve your home’s indoor air quality.


Causes of Indoor Air Pollution

The primary cause of indoor air quality issues is due to the gases or particles released by indoor pollution sources. Poor ventilation, high temperatures, and high humidity within your home can also increase the concentration levels of these pollutants. The threat to air quality produced by a single source can depend on its age and level of maintenance.


Some common sources of pollutants are:

●     Fuel burning combustion appliances

●     Tobacco products

●     Building materials such as insulation containing asbestos, furniture made of a pressed-wood product, or newly installed upholstery, carpet, or flooring

●     Products for household cleaning and maintenance

●     Central heating and cooling systems or humidification devices

●     Outdoor pollutants such as radon, pesticides, or outdoor air pollution


Tips to Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

There are many simple preventative measures that you can do to improve and maintain the air quality of your home. Make it a habit to regularly clean carpets, bedding, drapes, and other items that can attract allergens and wipe down surfaces that attract dust.


If you have a forced-air heating system, set a reminder to change its filters to avoid recirculation of dust and airborne irritants. 1-2 inch filters should be changed approximately every 3 months, while 4 inch filters should be changed every 6 months, and 5 inch filters changed every 12 months.


Consider investing in a dehumidifier for a basement or an air purifier to help remove allergens. Make sure your home is getting sufficient airflow and is well ventilated by opening windows or investing in a trickle vent. You can also burn beeswax candles because they have air purifying qualities.


Houseplants purify the air and can provide numerous other benefits, so have some fun choosing a few plants to decorate your space. Use eco-friendly cleaning products that won’t leave behind irritating residues and harmful pollutants. Finally, if indoor air quality is posing serious problems, HVAC Service to inspect your furnace and home.




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