4 Major Benefits of a High-Efficiency Furnace

23 Jan, 2020

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Whether it’s keeping out the cold or turning down the heat, managing your home’s temperature is a year-round chore. This chore can become especially frustrating in the winter when furnaces are running 24/7, but we at HVAC Service are proud to offer our new high-efficiency furnaces to melt the winter blues away.

Here’s our list of the 4 major benefits every homeowner can expect from a high-efficiency furnace.

Lower Heating Bills

One of the common pains for homeowners, especially during the winter, is that older furnaces need a pilot light, which is always lit and burning fuel.

Our home heating eliminate this problem by using specially-designed burners that only activate when you choose. This leads to less fuel waste when you’re away from the home and lower heating bills overall.

Better Airflow Control

Unlike older furnaces that lacked a dedicated oxygen flow and utilized whatever air happened to be moving in their systems, high-efficiency furnaces induce air currents and maintain rigorous control of their air supply.

This means that air temperature is carefully monitored and owners don’t have to worry about contaminants affecting air quality or hot air escaping the home.

Greater Home Safety

More than 50,000 house fires are caused every year due to faulty home heating equipment–a number that isn’t helped by the constantly burning pilot lights in older furnaces.

By only activating and generating heat when the furnace is engaged, homeowners can rest easy knowing that their furnace is only activating when needed; reducing the risk of malfunction and ultimately the need for a furnace repair.

Smaller Environmental Impact

Although they are only a small part of a home’s operations, older furnaces are infamous for their environmental problems. This is due to the chemicals involved in the heating process and the greenhouse gases that are created while they run.

The shorter running times of high-efficiency heaters combined with their secure airflow systems and pathways means fewer airborne impurities created and a healthier environment for all who walk through your door.

High-efficiency Furnaces are just the latest innovation in home heating technologies here at HVAC Service, and our team is constantly looking for new ways to bring our clients lower heating bills and greater peace of mind. Give our team of proven mechanics a call today at (701) 293-5701 to or HVAC Service to find out how you can get your brand-new furnace and stay warm this winter.